What is kodi? And how to setup kodi on various devices?

What is kodi?

Kodi is a media streaming software, which can stream any content available online. Kodi is one of the most used streaming software, which can stream contents like movies, TV shows, Live TV, live sports and lot more. You can use it various device like Firestick, chromecast, TV Boxes, PC, and Android smartphones. It supports a various platform like Windows, Linux, OsX, IoS, and Android. Wondering about the cost? Kodi is a freeware. You can install and stream all the content for free.

Depending on your need, you need to install the addons to stream movies, TV shows, and other contents. Depending on the content you wish to stream, you need to install add-ons accordingly. In this guide, we will explain how to install kodi on various device and a general addon installation procedure.

Before getting into the steps, you need to know little about how kodi works? Kodi is just a streaming software. It streams contents available over the internet. It doesn’t host or provide any service. To stream this contents, first, you need to locate the content. This is where the addons come into play. Add-ons are used to locate and play your favorite contents with a single click.

There are thousands of addons available over the internet. And all these addons are hosted at a different location (repository). You need to know these repository locations to access these addons. A single repository may have 100’s of addons and more. Just locate the repository URL of your favorite addon and you can proceed with the installation procedure.

Here are some of the most used repo URL. If you are new to kodi these repo are sufficient to watch any of the content. These two repo holds more than 100 addons.

Kodil repo: http://kdil.co/repo/

Super Repo: http://srp.nu/

How to install kodi on various devices?

Whatever device you are using, you need to install kodi on it. Depending on the device the method may vary.

Install Kodi on PC

Depending on the OS you are using, download the opted version from the official site. And run the setup file to install kodi on PC.

Install Kodi on firestick

Download apk file from the kodi official site. Apk files are used in Android, so select the platform as android to download apk. Now with the help of downloader program, you can install this apk in kodi firestick.

Install kodi on android

Now follow the previous procedure to download apk file on your android smartphone. now open the downloaded file and select install. Your kodi will be installed.

These are the methods to install kodi on various platforms. After installing kodi follow the below steps to setup kodi and stream your favorite content.


How to Setup Kodi and start streaming?

  • Now open kodi on your device.
  • Select settings icon at the top (gear icon)
  • Select file manager.
  • Select none.
  • Now decide which addon you are going to use. Covenant is my favorite addon to stream movies and TV shows. So here I am entering Kodil repo source URL (the covenant is located in the kodil repo)
  • And enter the source URL as “http://kdil.co/repo/
  • Give any name for easy identification. And click OK.
  • Navigate to kodi home page and select addons from the left menu.
  • Now select the unzipper icon to the install the file from the source URL.
  • Select install from Zip file and select the source by name.
  • Wait for few minutes, now the repo will be installed to kodi. And you will receive a notification at the top right corner.
  • Now you need to install your favorite addon from the repository. For that select install from repository.
  • Since we are planning to stream the movies and TV shows, select the category as video addons.
  • From the list of video addons, select the addon which you want to install. I am selecting covenant.
  • Now you will be directed to addons information page. Select install from it.
  • Wait for few seconds, while the addon is being installed. You will receive a notification stating “Addons installed successfully”.
  • Select open from the information page, to open the addon. Or you can open it from the kodi home screen. If you can’t find it on the home screen, go for Addons> Video addons. You will find all the installed addons here.
  • After opening the addon the contents will be displayed. Just click any of the categories and browse your content. And click on it to play the content and enjoy your heart contempt.

These are the steps to install your favorite addon and configure kodi. You can follow the same procedure to install any of the addons. You just need to know the repository URL. Just replace the repo URL and follow the same procedure to install other addons.

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