How to update kodi on PC

Updating kodi to the latest version is a piece of cake, You can just do it in a few easy steps. But before updating kodi make sure to back up the data from your kodi. in case if you messed up anything while updating, you can just restore it back. There are two ways to update kodi on PC. You can use any of the methods depending on your need.

The first method is a regular update method, and the data will be lost. if you are about to follow this method. It is similar to the fresh installation. But in the second method, you can update the kodi to the latest version without any data loss.

Update Kodi on PC – Regular method 

This is one of the most simple methods. Just navigate to kodi official website and download the latest version of kodi. And install it. It will overwrite all the data and your kodi will be as good as new. If you don’t have any data on kodi, you can follow this method. Even though you have a backup, while restoring it your kodi will be degraded to the previous version.

Make sure to follow this method, only if you don’t have any important data on kodi. And it is the easiest method. But if you are using kodi for a long period of time, you might have lots of working addons and repo added to your kodi. If you update the kodi, all these data will be lost.

Update Kodi on PC – Addon installer method 

There is a way to update your kodi without any data loss. And this method works only on PC, Android boxes and firestick. We all know that kodi is full of addons, what if there is an addon to update kodi? Have you ever thought about it? If not, Yes there is an addon to update kodi. This is an official addon called “Kodi windows installer“. This addon is located in kodi official repository.

Steps to update kodi on PC in a single click

Follow the below steps to update kodi on PC. You don’t need to install any of the repositories. Just follow these steps, you kodi will be as good as new. Make sure to take a full backup from Indigo Kodi addon.

  • Go to kodi home screen > Addons > unzipper icon > Install from repository.
  • Select Kodi addon repository > Program addons
  • Search and select Kodi windows installer > install.
  • Now open the windows installer addons from the home screen and Select Releases
  • Now the latest version of kodi will be downloaded. And kodi installation wizard will be prompted.
  • Select next and click finish.

Now your kodi will be updated. And there won’t be any data loss. Since you are updating via an addon, this method works for most of the devices. Depending on the device the installer name may change. For Android and firestick, it will be Kodi android installer.

Hope this article is informative. If you are facing any issue, do comment below.

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