Best Kodi Live TV addons for USA channels

If you are USA resident or a person searching for USA channels, then you had come to the right spot. In this article, we will explain the best live TV addons for USA channels.

Best Kodi Live TV addons to watch USA channels

We are planning to brief about two addons. One of these addons is a new addon. Its performance is awesome and it had sot good content. The second one has been for a while and it’s more reliable compared to the first one. We highly recommend installing both of the addons since each of them have their own advantage.

Selfless kodi addon

It is a new member of the kodi community. Well, its performance truly blew away many of the top addons. The content of this addons was amazing. It had a section for USA channels. And all the channels are categorized in alphabetical order. It also got different streams of the same channels. In addition to that, it also has a special section for live sports channels. This section only has the streams of live sports. It also got a section called as sports world. It contains the most important matches of famous sports and replies. All these contents are arranged based on sports. Just click on the sports you want to watch, And you can find a list of available contents.

This addon is available in Bliss Repository. The repository URL is having some issue, so you can download the addon from the GitHub. If you can’t find this addon, try to check out the addons list at

cCloud TV Kodi addon

cCloud TV is one of the premium kodi addons. It had been there for years. Its one of the most reliable addon. Though it is an all in one addon, it has a good content of all in one addon. And the best part is most of these streams are working great. The contents of this addon are categorized as movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports and few more. When compared to the selfless kodi addon, the content is less. But it will be a good backup. This addon is available in Kodil Repository. The old kodil repo Url is not working. So make sure to install kodil repo from new URL.

Just explore the addon, you will be amazed by the contents. It also has multi scrapper, it will scrap any of the content in a short span. If you can’t find this addon, you can install the same from the Git Hub.

Well, these are the best kodi addons to watch USA channels. Hope the article is informative. If you are facing any issue, or do you know any better addon? If so, do comment below.

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