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JumiController advance settings (for Pros)


Advance settings & undocumented features

This article contain some advanced settings for JumiApps (Jumi Apps who connects JumiController) 
Note: This advanced guide is for users who know how to edit xml and other configuration files.
if you do not know what we are talking about, you are advised to stay away or dare and try (it cant hurt)  ;-)

JumiController Settings

Jumi controller saves apps setting in your documents folder (USER/Document/JumiController/).
Folder contains folders for different devices ever connected and each one contains Apps settings 

You may edit the xml files freely. You might want to backup folder before changing it.
If you mess things up you can, always, delete setting files and folders. Jumi re-creates them on the run. 

Tips and tricks using settings xml files:

  • Your Motion Detection events and images are saved under \JumiController\Motion Detection\CameraXX
    • Delete files from this folder to remove events from JumiCam Log
      (requires a controller restart)
    • Deleting Clients.xml stops all notifications for all devices and reset all motion detection settings
  • Set JumiAmp's special settings in config.xml
    • Set preferred player 0=Winamp, 1=iTunes
    • Use preferred player only (0=false or 1=true) to use only the above player  
    • Turn 'shake to shuffle' on (1) to shuffle playlist whenever you shake phone 
    • Turn 'search for lyrics' on (1) to search lyrics for all song played or turn it off if it bothers you
  • Check Config.xml in \JumiCam
    • Sample Rate of the audio streamed and played on device 
    • Set Bandwidth limits to optimize frame rate to your network limits
  • Turn JumiMouse and gamer Click Sound On or Off in config.xml file
  • In JumiFiles previus_sync.xml you can see files downloaded to your and other devices
  • Add and remove files from your recent list in JumiPresenter/recent.xml to create your favorites list
  • Check other files and values it is mostly self explanatory 

JumiTAP is the code name for Jumi's Remotes.
Remotes can be used in JumiMouse, Gamer and JumiRemotes to control windows & applications.
Note: You can get new Remotes form inside JumiMouse/Gamer/Remotes

Browse to ...\JumiController\JumiTAP\  to see all remotes installed on PC. 
Delete unwanted zip files to remove remotes from your device.

Once you are here why don't you change a remote to suite your needs ???
Don't hesitate you gone so far. a Remote is a zip file with 5 files it wont bite

4 images :Remote Icon, image of pressed buttons / released buttons / mask (color mask to define button areas and Ids) 

1 xml file .... you are ready to read the Remotes guide in this knowledgeable


If somehow everything got messed up and you don't know how to fix it, delete suspected files and folders.
You may even delete JumiController content ( ... /USER/My Documents/JumiController/*.*)
In wost case all settings in all apps will reset to default reinstall JumiController to get default remotes.


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