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Remote control PC from iPhone or iPad

JumiOne remote access

JumiOne is a mobile app to control all your PC's from your iOS Device.
  • Secure Remote desktop to control your PC
  • Webcam video and audio live streamer
  • Remote controls for Media Players
  • Motion operated WiFi Joystick
  • Files access, Sign tool, PowerPoint remote and much more 
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JumiOne Features

  • Safe and secure connection
  • Auto discovery & configuring tools 
  • Unlimited PC connections
  • Fast in-app switching
  • Motion detection and Push notifications 
  • Free with many Free in-apps
  • Full access to all premium apps in a single subscription
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JumiOne Review 

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Downloads & Getting Started

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Download Jumi Controller
Windows (Any Version)               
Remote desktop windows companion software
JumiOne for iPhone / iPod
New subscription mode for JumiOne Suite, granting access to all premium in-apps for unlimited use
Getting Started
Getting Started Guide


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